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Meet BOXX'D!



We bring you an unforgettable culinary experience that is all BOXX'D up!


For our BOXX's, no kitchen is required at your resort or vacation rental.  You only need a mini fridge in order to store your items.



Choose your BOXX!



Charcuterie BOXX





















Dietary options available:

Traditional: Meat & Cheese

Vegetarian: Meat-free

Vegan: Plant based proteins

Kosher: Pork-free  + your choice of either dairy or kosher meats


In addition to the above dietary options, all charcuterie boxx's include Assorted fresh fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Dried fruits, Dips, Spreads, Crackers, Olives, Cornichons, Sweet treats, & edible decor! 


Because each boxx is a customized experience, no two boxx's will ever be the same!


Boxx Sizes:


The Value - $65

Serves 2

The Moderate - $110

Serves 5

The Deluxe - $155

Serves 8


The Castle Suite - $195

Serves 12

High Tea BOXX








Image by Anto Meneghini

BOXX'D By SammiCakes is a private chef service & not regulated by DBPR.  BOXX'D By SammiCakes is also a separate entity from SammiCakes & Cookies and is not a cottage bakery and therefore not regulated by the Florida department of Agriculture.

BOXX'D orders are only available on:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday mornings.

Request a Boxx!

Your Boxx'd request has been submitted! We will be in touch within a few days!

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