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Pink Sugar

How this works...

Ordering is as easy as pie... well, in our case CAKE!


1. Submit your order using the form below.

2. Pay your $25 date hold fee, you will automatically be re-directed.

3. Wait for an email from us! All orders are manually confirmed so this can take up to 72 hours. 


Emails come from so if it's been more than 72 hours since your order was submitted, please search your email & spam using the email address above.

We accept orders 1 year in advance & you are always welcome to edit your order as seasonal & new menu items are added all the time!

All dates with an X are FULL





































Availability is subject to change as orders come in and are confirmed.

If you do not see your hotel/resort listed on our drop down menu, please contact us prior to submission so we can check with them to see if they will hold your order.



We do have a $35 minimum order requirement for properties that hold orders for our guests (the ones listed on our drop down menu).

If your hotel/resort does NOT hold orders for our bakery, there is a $50 minimum order requirement.  This applies to Universal properties, Air BNB/VRBO's, Club Wyndham, & other select properties. 


We deliver to all properties within 15 miles of zip code 34787.


All deliveries made to locations that hold orders are completed in the VERY early morning hours so you have it in time for rope drop!  You DO NOT have to be present for delivery!


All other properties are delivered late the night before (around 11pm) & you must be present for delivery.


*Deliveries are unavailable on Sunday & Monday mornings*




Submit an order with SammiCakes!

Name of person ordering*

Phone Number*

Email Address*

Where will this order be delivered?*

Are you celebrating anything special?

Name on resort/hotel reservation (if different than person ordering)

Resort Reservation/Confirmation Number

Guest phone number (if different from person ordering)

What date (in the morning) would you like to eat your treats?

If your ideal delivery date isn't available, please list any other date(s) that you can accept a delivery (in order of preference).

Item(s) to order*

Please list any allergies*

If you have an allergy, Can you have items made in the same facility?  We are NOT an allergen-free kitchen.

Select an option

Please select the preferred payment method for your remaining balance.  Your date hold fee is paid via this website.

If ordering a box, please choose the number of people being served

Select an option

Order Details - This is where you will put quantities, flavors, theme, name, sprinkle choice, etc.

Would you like to contribute to the Sammi Shares Project?

Select an option

If you chose yes above, Please select the Sammi Shares donation amount

Your order form has been submitted successfully! We will reach out via email shortly.

Terms & Conditions

Thank you SO much for choosing SammiCakes & Cookies for your vacation needs!

I know you have a choice in bakeries and greatly appreciate you choosing my small business and supporting my family.

Please keep in mind that we are a small, family run business.  I don't have the luxury of sick or personal days.  Emergencies do happen.  Babies are born early.  Children get sick or injured.  Even I am human and get sick too!  I work around food & do not work when I have a contagious illness in order to protect my customers.  When this happens, we will try to reschedule your order to our next available date.  If that doesn't work for you then we will have to cancel your order.  When we cancel orders, we send out an email notifying customers as far in advance as possible.  Your refund will be issued, including date hold fee.  We will also email you a list of vendors to contact in hopes of finding someone else that can assist with your order so you don't feel abandoned.  All we can do in this situation is apologize & wish you an amazing trip.  You would not believe how many 1 star ratings I received for my child being in the ICU over Christmas last year.  Please don't be that customer.  Trust me, I feel horrible because I hate disappointing people AND  that was guaranteed income to my family that I just lost.

Now... To the details that nobody likes.  The policies I have below are in place for a reason.  Everything is written out in black & white so that there are no questions if an issue arises.  99.9% of the time, these scenarios don't apply but in the off chance they do, we have them written out so we are all on the same page.


Please note that submitting an online order form does NOT guarantee your order will be confirmed.  Your order is only secure when you have received your order confirmation email and your $25 date hold fee has been paid.  If it has been longer than 72 hours since you submitted your order and you have not received your order confirmation email, 1) Check your spam folder for an email from 2)  If you are still unable to locate it, please contact us ASAP as confirmations never take more than 72 hours.

If you submit an order to a private residence, Universal property, or a hotel/resort that is not listed on our drop down menu without contacting us prior to order submission & we are unable to deliver to you; you will be offered the option of a local pickup.  If this does not work for you and we had space on our calendar for your order, unfortunately your date hold fee is non-refundable.  If you submit an order for an off-property delivery and fail to or refuse to meet the order minimum and we have space for your order on our calendar, your date hold fee is non-refundable.

It is the customer's responsibility to make note of any remaining balance & the due date for the remaining balance.  We do not send balance reminders.  We just don't have that capability.  All pertinent information is contained in the order confirmation email.  Please set a phone reminder, keep a sticky note on the fridge, or do whatever you have to do in order to remember. 


If your final payment is not received by the due date listed in your order confirmation email (14 days prior to delivery), a $25 fee is automatically applied to your remaining balance.  If your final payment is not received 7 days prior to delivery, your order is also subject to automatic cancellation with no opportunity for refund of your date hold fee.

We do not send payment confirmations, as long as you have proof of payment on your end, you are good to go!  We will only contact you in the event we are unable to locate your payment.


Cancellation policy:

If you cancel your order once it has been confirmed, you will forfeit your date hold fee.

If you cancel your order less than 14 days from your delivery date, 50% of your order total is non-refundable. 

If you cancel within 72 hours of your delivery date, 100% of the order is non-refundable as we are unable to fill your spot.


With such little notice, I will not be able to fill your spot and every confirmed order is guaranteed income to my family.  Orders are set 14 days prior to delivery.  That is when we set schedules, place supply orders, & plan each day's orders and ingredients for the upcoming week.


Once you notify us of cancellation, that notice is immediate and final.

If your order is cancelled due to non-payment and payment is made after your cancellation notice is sent, any money received after that time is non-refundable.  I will try my best to work you into my schedule before your check-out date, but I am under no obligation to do so as your order was cancelled and you were told NOT to pay. 


If you pay after cancellation and your payment did not include the $25 late fee listed in your order confirmation email, no attempt will be made to work you into my schedule and any money received will be non-refundable as this is considered an order that is not paid in full.


Date Transfers:

We understand that these are unprecedented times.

I am allowing you to transfer your order date for a $10 fee.


The reason for the fee: There's a lot of time, paperwork, and planning that goes into each order being confirmed behind the scenes.  We have a limited number of spots per item each day and once that is full, we start denying others.


In order to transfer your original confirmed order, you must:

1) Transfer your date 7+ days prior to your confirmed delivery date.

2) Have your order paid in full.

3) Have the new delivery date that is within 6 months of your original delivery date. 

* If you are canceling your order without a new date to transfer to, unfortunately that will be considered a canceled order and subject to our canceled order policies.  This also applies to orders transferred with less than 7 days notice.

The above policies apply to all situations. Including death, Acts of God, Emergencies, illness, flight delay/cancellation, COVID, etc.


*Date transfers are NOT guaranteed.  If you request a date transfer, it is dependent upon space availability (as I do limit the number of orders I accept each day) & my schedule.  I will do my best to work with you but I do have set days off each week.


Orders are non-transferable once placed. You (the customer) have agreed to my terms and conditions & have filled out the order form to include any known allergies. We are unable to transfer an order to someone else since they may not agree to those terms or have an unknown allergy. It’s a risk that we just can’t take.


Refund Policy:

Date hold fees are non-refundable once your order is submitted, the date hold fee is paid, & you are placed on our calendar.

I only offer refunds if I am unable to complete your confirmed order for any reason on my end.

If you are unable to locate your order or have any issues with your order, you must contact us immediately.  We have the direct number to your resort and have ways of locating lost items.  All items are signed for and resorts have tracking systems in place.

We are unable to do anything after 24 hours (including refund or re-delivery) if you fail to notify us that there is an issue.

I do not offer refunds due to taste preferences, substituted items, items not matching a representation photo, customer choosing the incorrect delivery date, buyer's remorse, not providing complete information on the order form, etc.


- If you are owed a refund, please allow 3-5 business days to process.  A business day is considered Monday thru Friday.  If you do not wait this time frame and file a  dispute or a charge back with your payment method, you will be responsible for any fees that I am charged by my payment processor and those fees will be deducted from any refund you may be entitled to.

Every item is hand made and not every item will be identical because of this.  I am a human, not a factory : )


As a business owner, I reserve the right to refuse service.

If you threaten, harass, intimidate, or otherwise act verbally and/or physically abusive towards myself or an employee of my company, your order will be canceled immediately with zero opportunity for refund.  Yes, this has been added for a reason.  I've had to invoke this once and hopefully never again.


Allergies: Your safety is my #1 priority!  MY PRODUCTS ARE NOT MADE IN A NUT FREE KITCHEN.  Therefore, there is a risk of cross contamination.  I try my best to minimize this risk by using dedicated equipment and have *knock on wood* NEVER had an issue.  PLEASE list every allergen known by yourself or anyone else in your party.  Even if you feel it does not apply, I still need to know.


By placing your order with SammiCakes & Cookies, you understand this risk and acknowledge that my business nor I can be held liable for any resulting injury(ies) , illness, and/or death(s) caused by consuming my products.


Delivery & Pickup: Once your items leave my possession, I am not responsible for the improper storage or rough handling by your yourself, or your resort/hotel. I make sure your items are delivered in pristine condition. We do take a photo of your items upon delivery.  In the unfortunate event that your order is mishandled, please let us AND your resort know immediately so that the resort and I can work on a proper resolution.

If delivery was attempted but was unable to be completed for whatever reason (Resort is unable to locate your reservation, guest changed resorts and didn't let us know, customer didn't answer the door, etc.) your order will be donated and a refund will not be issued. If I have time to do a re-delivery either the same or next day, prior to donation - you will be responsible for an additional delivery fee paid prior to re-delivery.

Thank you!

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