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Sweet Treats

AKA "Tastebud Temptations"

Please note: Prices do not include sales tax or delivery fee.




Breakfast Boxes

Orlando's 1st Resort-delivered box!


Pricing is based on the number of people served.

 2 servings $35     8 servings $90

 4 servings $55    10 servings $115

 6 servings $75     12 servings $135

Larger quantities are available!


Order a  continental breakfast delivered straight to your resort!  


Customize your own

box for only $5 more




Choose a "Baker's Choice" Box for more variety!  It comes standard Mouse head waffles, our best sellers, seasonal flavors, & even unreleased menu items!.


Click HERE to view our Breakfast menu selections.



$50 per box


Sweet Box 1 (pictured): Includes 6 cupcakes, 2 personalized jumbo mouse head cookies, & 6 cake pops.


Sweet Box 2:  Includes 6 cupcakes, 6 rectangle marshmallow treats, & 2 personalized jumbo mouse head cookies.

Upgrade to mouse head marshmallow treats for only $6 more!

Sweet Box 3: Includes 6 cupcakes, 6 cake pops, & 4 rectangle marshmallow treats.


*Box themes do change with the seasons.  Halloween theme begins Mid-August


Holiday theme begins 11/1 and ends 1/1.


Classic Red/Black/White is available in between specialty themes.

Image by Holly Stratton

Assorted 6 pack $18

Current Flavors:
Vanilla Bean
Salted Caramel
Meyer Lemon

French Macarons

Jumbo Pretzel Rods dipped in either white or milk chocolate and covered in your choice of sprinkle theme:

Boy Mouse

Girl Mouse

Red/Black/White mouse heads


Holiday theme


$12 Half-Dozen

$24 Full Dozen

Please add $3 per 6 for Gluten-Free


Cake Pops & Cakesicles


Starting at:







Everyone loves food on a stick!  Cake pops/sicles are the best!  Spongey cake mixed with frosting then coated with a white (can be colorful) or milk chocolate shell.


1 flavor per 6 please!


Cake flavors available:


Red Velvet



Rainbow Confetti



Shell flavors:

White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

If you don't see a flavor listed, just ask!

Image by Rod Long

Old Fashioned Donuts


6 pack $21


2 flavors per 6 pack please

Traditional Donut Flavors

Chocolate Iced

Chocolate Sprinkled

Chocolate iced with walnuts

Chocolate iced with coconut

White iced with coconut

Classic Glazed

Chocolate Glazed

White iced (Vanilla)

Cinnamon Sugar

Powdered Sugar

Strawberry Iced

Strawberry Iced sprinkled

Maple Iced

Lemon Iced

Blueberry Iced




Kid Snack Box

$10 per box



9 pre-packaged, kid-friendly snacks!


The above photo is an example of the snacks included, they do rotate and will vary per box.


Mouse Beignets

Light, fluffy, slightly crispy man-catchin' BEIGNETS!!!


Served in a box, with TONS of powdered sugar - just like authentic New Orleans.


Naturally Egg & dairy-free!  

Add chocolate dipping sauce

for only $3!


Additional Flavor Options $3 per 6 pack

Pumpkin Spice


Cinnamon Toast


Girl Scout cookie - Thin Mint


Mouse Head Cookie Cake

$45.00+ - Easily serves 7-8


Available in 2 versions!

Version 1 as pictured with 2 buttons

Version 2 would include polka dots


or... Choose your own theme!


Thick & chewy cookie cakes are decorated with buttercream icing!  Available in chocolate chip, sugar, or confetti sugar.


























Want to step away from the mouse?  Traditional Round, Letter, & Number cookie cakes are also available! 


Hello Mickey Bars

$5 each

Buttery graham cracker crust is layered with chocolate, butterscotch, & sweetened condensed milk then topped with flaky coconut & baked to a caramelized golden crunch then hand cut into giant mouse heads!


Sammi's Sweet Boxes

Image by American Heritage Chocolate


Dipped Pretzel Rods


6 pack for $18

12 pack for $32

Image by Parag Gaikwad

Current Flavors

Chocolate Fudge

French Vanilla

Butter Cake

Strawberry Cream

Southern Red Velvet

Confetti Cake

Meyer Lemon

Cookies & Cream










Half-Dozen $30

Dozen $56

1 flavor per 6 cupcakes please

Marshmallow Treats​

Rectangle 2 pack $8


Mouse Head - $5 each


Choose your dip:

White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate


Choose your sprinkle:


Girl Mouse

Boy Mouse

Red/Black/White Mouse heads


Holiday theme

Halloween theme


If no choice for chocolate or sprinkles is given, they will be Sammi's surprise!



Classic Cookies

Choose from:

Classic Chocolate Chip

M & M

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut


Oatmeal Raisin

Peanut Butter with Reese's pieces

Frosted Sugar (Lofthouse Style)

Dark chocolate with PB M&M's

Our Classic Cookies are $22/dozen


Choose up to 2 flavors per dozen ordered.


Donut Letters

$20 for the first 6 letters. 


Additional letters are $3 each.


Fondant accents, pixie dust, or metallic colors are not included in the

above pricing.

Want a message that you can eat?  Say it with donut letters!


Icing flavors to choose from:





Original glaze - can be made any color!


1-2 Flavors per order.

If original glaze is selected, you may customize with up to 3 colors.


Coordinating sprinkles are available upon request!


Custom themes are available!  Just ask!


Have you ever had a CROnut?  It's a flaky layered croissant-like donut that is deep fried to perfection and tossed in our famous cinnamon sugar mix.


Traditional Cinnamon Sugar

$18 per 6 pack


Specialty Flavors:

Apple Cider Glazed

$24 per 6 pack






The Lone Star Roll



Over 2 whole pounds of cinnamon roll goodness!  This giant cinnamon roll equals 16 regular sized cinnamon rolls!  Baked to perfection & covered in icing.


Giant Mouse Head Marshmallow Treat

Hand made GIANT mouse head marshmallow treats made in small batches.


Plain $30


White or Milk Chocolate Dipped $35


Fully decorated with White or Milk chocolate dip, coordinating sprinkles, & a hand made chocolate castle $40 


Sprinkle choices:

Boy mouse

Girl mouse

Red/Black/White Mouse heads

Rainbow Jimmies




Allergy friendly versions available for Dairy, Vegan, & Gluten-Free diets!

Available as:





Peanut/Tree-nut Free

Add-Ins: $3 each (per 6 waffles)


Choose from:

Chocolate Chips


Rainbow Sprinkles

Chopped Pecans

Please add $2 for every 6 waffles for



Churro Waffles​

6 pack for $18

12 pack for $32

I take my famous mouse head waffle batter & turn it up a notch by infusing it with cinnamon, caramel, & extra sugary notes.

The waffles are lightly crisped in the mouse head waffle maker then deep fried to golden brown, splashed with simple syrup, & tossed in a churro mix!


Add dipping sauce(s) to elevate the churro waffle experience!  $3 each

Chocolate syrup

Strawberry syrup


Maple Syrup

Southern Biscuit Box


$15 As pictured!



Comes with 4 Mouse head shaped southern style biscuits plus 1 mini jar of honey and 1 jam


Your choice of Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange Marmalade, Grape or Blackberry.


Additional jams/honey are $1.50 each.

Additional biscuits are $3 each.


Naturally Egg & Dairy-Free!

The Walking S'More
$6 each

Oversized chocolate sandwich filled with marshmallow fluff & graham cracker! 

Available Flavors:
Peanut Butter



2 pack - $12

4 pack - $20

Have you ever heard of a Crookie?

It's the latest craze from Paris!  I take my freshly made croissant dough & par-bake them.  Then they are sliced, stuffed, & topped with my Chipster cookie dough then finished in the oven & topped with powdered sugar! Part croissant, part cookie - your new fave!




Mouse Head Waffles​

$15 for 6

$30 for 12



Sammi's Sammi's

4 for $18

My famous sandwich cookies... AKA Sammi's Sammi's!


Rainbow celebration (pictured above) is 2 brown butter sugar cookies sandwiched between my famous vanilla buttercream and rolled in rainbow sprinkles.


Other flavors available:

Chocolate Chip with vanilla buttercream & mini chocolate chips

Oatmeal raisin with fluffy buttercream filling


Brownie with fudge filling & chocolate sprinkles

Chocolate Oreos

2 pack $6

Gourmet Chocolate covered Oreos!  


These are hand made in

individual molds.  


They are super thick, beautiful,

& oh so tasty!


Holiday theme is pictured.


Current theme choices are:

Boy mouse

Girl mouse


Choose from:

Gluten-Free or Traditional

Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate


Dynamic Duo Box


Get the best of both worlds with a combo box of our two #1 selling items! 


You get a 4 pack of our traditional powdered sugar beignets & a 4 pack of mouse head waffles in this dynamic duo box!


Jumbo Mouse Cookie

*** These are extremely limited per day & only available as an add-on to additional items ordered. ***


These cookies are HUGE!

They are $6 each and the pricing includes personalization with a first name or 1-2 word short phrase such as "Happy Birthday"

Version 1: Polka dots

Version 2: Buttons


Cookie colors will vary with the seasons.

Classic red/black/white is available most of the year. 


Halloween theme is mid-August to 10/31. 


Holiday theme is 11/1 - 1/1.


Gourmet Brownies

Traditional Iced

Salted Caramel

Peanut Butter


Peanut Butter Cup

Cookies & Cream


Mouse Head

$16 (4 count)


Feel free to mix & match flavors!  If no flavor is given, it will default to traditional iced. 


The Quad Threat

$5 each

Created by yours truly!


Oversized cut brownie - Layers of Chocolate chip Brownie, Chocolate chip cookie, Nutella, & Oreo cookies!








Mouse Head Pretzels

$18 for 12

1 dozen "3 bite" mouse head shaped pretzels!


Choose from:

Cinnamon sugar or Salted


Each order comes with your choice of 1 dipping sauce:

Vanilla Frosting

Chocolate Sauce













$12 for 6

Delicate scallop-shaped french tea cakes available year-round in:

Traditional with a dusting of powdered sugar, Chocolate dipped, or Vanilla dipped.



Sheet Cake

$45 Serves up to 8

Just tell us the theme you would like (Boy mouse is pictured) and the cake flavor!

Flavor choices:
Cookies & Cream
Red Velvet

Just ask!  We can do them all!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

$15 Half Dozen

$30 Dozen

Large Florida Strawberries!


Choose from white chocolate, milk chocolate, or a combination of both!  They come dipped & drizzled!


"The Chipster"

Our signature cookie!


$16/4 pack

Giant chewy, melty chocolate

chipster goodness!

Each cookie weighs 3.5oz BEFORE chocolate chips are added!


Rosette Cake

Starting at $75+

6 inch round cake

Feeds up to 12

8 inch round is available for larger parties (up to 20)

Please see cupcake flavors listed above for the available cake flavors.

Any theme is available!

Pictured: Beauty & The Beast

Half Beauty/Half Beast


Celebration Package


Our celebration package includes candles, a lighter, themed napkins, themed plates, & a helium inflated mylar balloon!


Choose your theme:

Classic Mouse

Rainbow Birthday



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