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Travel Agent Order Form

How this works:

1. Fill out our client order form below.

2. Upon submission, you will be redirected to pay your TA date hold fee.

3. Wait for an order confirmation email from us.

4. Pay any remaining balance due (if any) in the confirmation email.

5. You are all set!  Our driver will reach out to you via text the night of delivery.

Please contact us prior to submission if requesting an order less than 7 days from delivery so we can confirm availability, thank you!

Travel Agent Name*

Travel Agent Phone Number*

Travel Agent Email Address*

Which travel agency are you affiliated with?*

Have you worked with SammiCakes & Cookies before?*

Select an option

Lead guest's First & Last name

Which resort is your client staying at?

Resort Reservation/Confirmation number

Client's Check-in Date*

Client's Check-Out Date*

How many people are in your client's party?

Please list any allergies in the party:*

What would you like to order for your clients?*

Are your clients celebrating anything special this trip? Please include ages, names, etc.

If choosing a card for your client, please enter the personalized message for them.

Preferred payment method:*

Do you agree with the terms and conditions listed on our website?*

Your client's order was submitted successfully! We will follow up via email in the next few days with a confirmation.

Enjoy these exclusives as one of our travel agents!


- Half off delivery fees

- $5 off select items

- Lower order minimums

- Your choice of personalized chocolate covered Oreo OR hand written card for your client!


Please note that we do NOT deliver to Universal resorts as they do not hold food orders for outside vendors.




Pictured below are our Travel Agent packages! 

Each package meets our TA minimum at $25.00 (plus tax & delivery)


Choose from:

TA Package or TA Cake - 8" feeds up to 8! $35 each


Every order from us also includes either a personalized matching greeting card from you, their favorite travel professional OR a chocolate covered Oreo with your personal business logo!

You are NOT limited to these two items, they just happen to be some of the easiest for us to add into our schedule! 


You have access to our full menu as long as the order meets our $25 minimum prior to tax and delivery.

Travel Agent Terms & Conditions:

Thank you SO much for choosing SammiCakes & Cookies for your client's needs!

I know you have a choice in vendors and greatly appreciate you choosing my small business and supporting my family.

If it has been longer than 72 hours since you submitted your order and you have not received your order confirmation email, 1) Check your spam folder for an email from 2)  If you are still unable to locate it, please contact us ASAP as confirmations never take more than 72 hours.

We do not issue refunds for confirmed orders that have to be cancelled, instead we will issue a credit for the amount paid that must be used within 6 months of the original delivery date.  This credit can be applied to any client, not just the one that it was originally intended for.  This credit can be used for any resort-delivered order.  This credit does not apply to shipping.  The entire credit has to be used at one time or you forefit any remaining balance. 


Orders must be cancelled by 9am EST the day before delivery in order to be issued a credit.

If delivery was attempted but was unable to be completed for whatever reason (Resort is unable to locate your clients reservation, guest changed resorts and you didn't let us know, you gave us the incorrect resort, etc.) the order will be donated and a refund will not be issued.


If we are able to accommodate a re-delivery, you will be responsible for an additional non-discounted delivery fee paid prior to re-delivery.

Allergies: Client safety is my #1 priority.  Please DO NOT fill out a client order form if you are unsure of the allergy status of anyone in the party.  This not only puts your client's health at risk but also my business.  We can accommodate most allergens, please contact us prior to ordering in order to confirm which items are available for certain allergens.


If you knowingly leave off an allergy, you will be banned from future orders.  We take this VERY seriously.

If you owe a balance and payment is not received within 24 hours of order confirmation, a $25 late fee will be assessed.

We do our very best to get your clients on our schedule as early in their trip as possible. 

However, deliveries are not made 7 days per week as I do have days off, my schedule fills up, etc.  We ask for a check-in & check-out date so that you have a higher likelihood of order confirmation.  If we are unable to get your client's order delivered prior to their check-out date, we will issue a refund.

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